At Raymond James we provide a personal stockbroking service that offers a wide range of investment choices including Individual Equities, Government Gilts, Corporate Bonds and Exchange Traded Funds.  At every level, from buying or selling a modest number of shares to looking after a large portfolio, we offer a quality bespoke stockbroking advisory service.

Our expertise

Your Raymond James Wealth Manager and Stockbroker is always available to give you an informed opinion at every stage of the investment process.  Access to high quality international research enables us to have an in-depth look at your portfolio and conduct a full analysis.  Our clients have the complete picture at their fingertips and all the support they require.

Personalised service

From day one you will be assigned a dedicated Stockbroker from our team at the Raymond James East Yorkshire branch. This will be someone you can build a strong relationship with, seek advice and support from, and have access to throughout the year.

You can decide with your Stockbroker what level of service you require from the outset.  This will be based on the level of involvement you wish to have in managing your investment, on your experience as an investor, the complexity of your requirements, your attitude to risk and your personal circumstances.

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