A stocks and shares ISA (investment ISA) is a tax efficient ‘wrapper’ that can hold a wide range of different investments and products. Any money saved in an ISA can grow free from income or capital gains tax and is one of the most tax efficient ways of investing.

At Raymond James we help our clients to select the most suitable investments for their ISA and review this on a regular basis.  This helps our clients make sure they have their money where they want it to be, and most importantly know what rate of return they are currently earning on their savings.

Consolidating your ISAs together may be right for you!

By consolidating your ISAs into an investment ISA with Raymond James you could benefit from better returns than would have been achieved holding numerous ISAs with various different providers.  Many of our clients are currently benefiting after following this process.

Can I switch my Cash ISA to an Investment ISA?

Many people are unaware that they can transfer their cash ISA to an investment ISA and benefit from access to a wide range of investments that could produce a better rate of return than they are currently receiving.

Investments currently eligible for an Investment ISA are:

  • Unit trusts
  • OEICs (Open Ended Investment Companies)
  • Investment trusts
  • Exchange traded funds
  • Corporate bonds and government gilts
  • Individual stocks and shares

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