Retirement Planning

At the Raymond James East Yorkshire Branch we specialise in helping our clients realise their retirement goals.

Retirement Planning is preparing for life when paid work ceases and involves purposefully saving funds for the future.

There is no set formula for retirement planning and each individual will need a different plan due to their personal circumstances e.g. employment, living expenses, inheritances etc.

There is also no set way to save for retirement , however utilising tax efficient savings products like Pensions and ISAs will enhance your financial position.

A successful Retirement Plan requires actions and decisions necessary to achieve a stated goal. This will involve estimating expenses, implementing a savings plan and managing existing investments.

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Retirement Income Planning

The Retirement Income Calculator will give you an idea of how much income you may receive from your pension during your retirement and will provide a summary of what you may receive in relation to your retirement income targets. This will be based on your chosen options and the answers you provide.

In order to get the most accurate results, please answer all the questions carefully to get the best reflection for your specific individual circumstances.

The results should be used as an approximate guide as to what your situation may look like in retirement.

Retirement Income Calculator