Investment Proposition

At the Raymond James Investment Services East Yorkshire Branch, our unique offering enables us to offer dedicated:

  • Investment Advice
  • Stockbroking
  • Financial Planning

It is rare to have all three services offered by one company and this makes it possible for us to strip out multiple layers of cost and consolidate your investments into one easy to manage nominee service.

It also enables us to provide our clients with whole of market advice on investments and products, which include:

  • Individual Equities
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Individual Corporate Bonds
  • Individual Government Gilts
  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • (OEICS / Unit Trusts / Investment Trusts)
  • Investment bonds
  • IHT planning
  • ISAs
  • SIPPs/ Personal pensions
  • Personal and Business Protection Plans

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